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[전시/할인] 스털링 브로드캐스트 LS3/5a V3 북쉘프 스피커(영국 BBC 라이센스 스피커) 월넛  

[전시/할인] 스털링 브로드캐스트 LS3/5a V3 북쉘프 스피커(영국 BBC 라이센스 스피커) 월넛

기본 정보
판매가 가격문의
소비자가 ₩4,100,000
제조사 스털링 브로드캐스트

무통장 입금 결제410원 (0.01%)

사용후기 0
가격흥정 0
배송비 ₩4,000 (₩50,000 이상 구매 시 무료)
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상품 정보 가격 삭제

50년 전 BBC 원본에 바짝 다가선 역대 가장 투명한 LS3/5a - 오승영 오디오 평론가

atest V3 version of the LS3/5A ultra low distortion speaker monitors with upgraded crossover and tygan grilles

It started as a personal project. Doug Stirling wanted the very best pair of LS3/5As that could be made. So he challenged Derek Hughes to draw upon his decades of experience as a loudspeaker designer to look again at the design. Just like the Blue Skies work done at BBC Kingswood Warren back in the 1970s, cost was not to be a consideration. But they had to be LS3/5As which not just met, but significantly bettered, the BBC specification.
Derek started with the Stirling Broadcast LS3/5A V2. The V2 is a proven design which is licenced by the BBC and has received excellent reviews. Derek had full confidence in the drive units & thin-wall plywood cabinet and didn’t believe they could currently be bettered. So he focussed
his years of experience in loudspeaker design on the crossover. In came closely matched air-cored inductors to remove the saturation experienced with ferrite or iron cores. Cost was, after all, not an object. Finally Derek moved the crossover away from the vibrations associated with mounting the crossover on the front baffle.
The result is the Stirling Broadcast LS3/5A V3. Everyone who heard them told Doug he couldn’t keep them to himself. We think the V3 is something very special indeed. But don’t take our word for it, have a listen and decide for yourself.

Stirling Broadcast LS3/5a V3

Stirling Broadcast LS3/5a V3 Speakers is the third generation of this renowned speaker designed to meet the exacting BBC LS3/5a spec. It shares the same great features and performance as the V2 except with upgraded crossovers (see the V2 crossover and the new V3 crossover on final images).
The standmount loudspeaker employs Stirling SB4424 and SB4428 drivers housed in thin-walled reference cabinets based on the famous 001/002 pair. The LS3/5a V3 substitutes the cloth grilles used on the V2 for superior Tygan grilles. The V3 has a lower response of 75Hz which is largely due to the sealed design.
The legendary sonics of the original LS3/5a speakers are retained with design tweaks that reduce distortion to an absolute minimum. The 8Ω nominal impedance is lower than the original's 15Ω but is optimised for use with typical high-powered amplifiers that are widely available today and helps to achieve real control delivering a low 83 decibel sensitivity for better bass.

Quality Assured

The additional benefit of the 5 year warranty and assurance of the future availability of spare parts gives you extra piece of mind ensuring you'll enjoy your speakers for many years to come. The predecessors of this superb speaker have won many coveted awards including the title of 'Best Loudspeaker under £1000' in Hi-Fi News magazine's 2005 awards issue.

Technical Specifications

- Type: Two-way standmount monitor
- Enclosure: infinite baffle
- HF driver: 19mm fabric dome tweeter
- Mid/Bass: 114mm polypropylene driver
- Freq response: 75Hz-18kHz (+/-3dB)
- Crossover frequency: 3kHz
- Impedance: nominal 8 Ohms
- Sensitivity: 83dB/W/m
- Dimensions (HWD): 302 x 188 x 168mm
- Weight: 5.3kg/each

상품 상세 정보
상품명 [전시/할인] 스털링 브로드캐스트 LS3/5a V3 북쉘프 스피커(영국 BBC 라이센스 스피커) 월넛
판매가 가격문의
소비자가 ₩4,100,000
제조사 스털링 브로드캐스트

무통장 입금 결제410원 (0.01%)

사용후기 0
가격흥정 0
배송비 ₩4,000 (₩50,000 이상 구매 시 무료)
수량 수량증가수량감소

결제 안내

배송 안내

  • 배송 방법 : 택배
  • 배송 지역 : 전국지역
  • 배송 비용 : ₩4,000
  • 배송 기간 : 1일 ~ 3일
  • 배송 안내 :

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